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Hu Die Department of Fine Arts, International College, Krirk University,Bangkok,10220,Thailand
Gu Li Dr., Department of Fine Arts, International College, Krirk University, Bangkok, 10220, Thailand.


This study does a systematic literature review (SLR) to examine the incorporation of Yichun Print, a traditional Chinese art form, inside contemporary art education. Utilising prior scholarly investigations, the present study endeavours to evaluate the influence on students’ creativity, critical thinking abilities, and cultural comprehension. This review critically analyses the current body of research in order to offer valuable insights into pedagogical tactics, problems, and the process of adaptation. The results of the study indicate that the incorporation of Yichun Print has a favourable impact on creative expression, which aligns with prior research conducted in the field of art education. Moreover, it facilitates cross-cultural comprehension among individuals, aligning with the notion that art serves as a universal form of communication. This study serves as a means of connecting theoretical concepts with practical applications, providing valuable insights for educators and policymakers. The statement underscores the capacity of Yichun Print to enhance the field of modern art education through the cultivation of creativity, critical thinking, and cultural awareness.